Chin up, beautiful

I'm Quinn. 21. British.
Weird kid.
I'm not all that bad.

Get to know me? I'm pretty damn lame.
Too many selfies


Just hit 1.5k followers c: aw hello everyone you’re all awesome let’s bake a giant cake and share it

but i want the biggest piece pls

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THis isn't fair I'm 5 years younger than you but you're so gorgeous and in the same country and urgh excuse you and your pretty face imma gonna shut up now this is the lamest thing I could've done i'm so sorry forgive me prince gorgeous


"Prince gorgeous" yes I like you you can stay
Sorry about you being young. If it helps I’m not really looking for anyone or anything right now so pfsh let’s be friends

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I hope you're doing good. X


I’m doing fairly alright. Nothing too bad to report aha

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are you in a relationship?


I am not

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